Züm bus is changing it’s name


The Züm bus could soon be heading for a makeover. Next stop: the Züm bus is changing its name to Zoom.

Ever since the first Züm bus rolled out, there’s been a heated debate over how to pronounce the name.

“I cannot tell you how many people ask me why it’s pronounced ‘zoom’ when it’s obviously spelled like ‘zum,'” said Anita Ride, Transit Ticket Manager, frustrated after years of being overwhelmed with confusing phone calls and questions.

“Is this even English? Why doesn’t the city name it something we can all understand,” said Heywood Upikmiup, a disgruntled Brampton Transit passenger.

Studies show that the name change could result in faster service, since people will spend less time arguing about how to pronounce the name and more time boarding the bus.

The transformation is slated for some time in 2016.

UPDATE: April Fool’s!