You Gotta Check Out What This FreshCo. Store Did In Brampton


You’ve heard of FreschCo. supermarket, but have you heard of the Indian spinoff? Chalo! FreshCo. is a new grocery store that has opened in Brampton, inspired by the large South Asian population. The name roughly translates to “Let’s go to FreshCo.” in Punjabi & Hindi. Fittingly, the store is located in Springdale (Sandalwood Parkway and Bramalea Road), which we all know of as “Singhdale” because of the high number of Bramptonians with the last name Singh in that area.

Word about this place is spreading fast in the South Asian community, so our photographer, Abhijeet & I decided to check out what the fuss was all about.

“Vah” is a term usually used when one is delighted or impressed in Punjabi, Urdu, or Hindi.

IMG_9241The carts shown above (in pink) & below (in yellow) are generally used by street vendors in India. IMG_9239


IMG_9220They even carry utensils imported from India, made especially for cooking Indian dishes.“Kulfi” is a form of Indian ice cream, considered street food. It usually comes on a stick in the form of a popsicle. If you haven’t had it, you should certainly try it.IMG_9225

IMG_9227There are aisles dedicated to South Asian appetizers, entrees and desserts.IMG_9230

And as you can tell, people are loving it. Until now, only small mom-and-pop stores carried imported foods. A huge store generally means cheaper prices and more selection.IMG_9242

IMG_9245Even Amaya, a chain of Indian fast food restaurants has gotten in on the action.  IMG_9247

You gotta check out what this FreshCo. store did in Brampton! Tell us what you think of this! Do you want to see more culturally focused grocery stores in Brampton?

Update 1: Fixed dark pictures