Brampton’s Burger Hotspot: Union Burger Review


For months now I’ve passed by Union Burger and their motto, “UB hungry?” has been taunting me (for some reason I am always driving by Steeles and Main street hungry). Finally, the opportunity arose for me to go in and see if they could cure my hunger. I was excited because their burger options sounded delectable. I ordered the buffalo crispy chicken sandwich with a caesar salad and a chocolate shake. My friends ordered the Bourbon Street burger with onion rings and, the Bacon and Egg burger with fries.


The food is cooked fresh to order, which could be tasted in the mains. You can pick what toppings you want on your burger or pick one of their combinations, similar to Lick’s Burgers from back in the day.

bacon and egg burger

Each burger is wrapped and the sides are presented well. Once I unwrapped my burger though, I was surprised by the lack effort placed into the presentation. All three burgers looked flimsy, like they’d been slapped together by someone who was having a bad day. It wasn’t pretty but the taste made up for the lack of visual appeal.

bourbon street burger

The chicken was crispy and juicy but, the buffalo sauce was a joke. Despite the sauce, it tasted plain and the shredded lettuce made it a messy endeavor. The beef burgers received better reviews from my guests. The meat was juicy and both burgers were full of flavour, true to the menu.

If you’re hungry and you want a filling meal that isn’t too expensive then, this is the place for you.

The onion rings were perfectly crisp; not overdone or underdone. The fries were alright and went well with the Bacon and Egg burger.  The caesar salad was the biggest upset. The parmesan cheese was super heavy handed and was probably done to mask the bitter-tasting lettuce. The salad tasted like it didn’t want to be eaten.


For dessert, I opted for the chocolate shake while my friends had sundaes. The chocolate shake was delicious, better than the ones at Harvey’s and The Works. It wasn’t too rich, and it was smooth with no ice chunks to disrupt your sipping. The sundaes were upscale versions of sundaes you can get at other fast food restaurants (think McDonald’s) but with topping options that allowed for customizations.


If you’re hungry and you want a filling meal that isn’t too expensive then, this is the place for you. With its casual, family-friendly vibe, Union Burger is a great place for families with younger kids. While we were there, the owner came around to ask us if we were enjoying our meal. I asked for my table to be cleaned and it happened lickity split!



I would return to Union Burger because I am curious to try their other meat options like the veggie and turkey burgers. I’ll just get fries instead of salad next time.

Vegetarian? Options available
Expensive? Bring $20



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