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Blessed with natural talent, Thaleah a.k.a Lefthanded_Art. is a uniquely self taught artist from Brampton. She’s never been one to bow to trends. Lefthanded_Art forges her own path and determines her own artistic evolution. However, she’s not one to boast. She’s humbled by the fact that people take interest in her creations.  In life, Lefthanded_Art’s hope is to inspire others as she continues to strive for greatness both artistically and holistically.



Inspiration strikes Lefthanded_Art any time she is left to her own imagination, which is often. She creates and design new artworks regularly, drawing from contemporary culture and streetwear fashion for inspiration.  Foreign artwork, fashion, and music also inform her ideas.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Artistic Process

Lefthanded_Art sketches her highly stylized portraits of strong, powerful women freestyle. To achieve the clean, bold lines and vibrant popping colours and patterns, she uses Photoshop. There is a strong element of contemporary urban streetwear and fashion in her artworks. For Lefthanded_Art, fashion and art are both tools of creativity and self-expression, so it’s natural to combine the two visual mediums of expression in her artworks. The product of her efforts are portraits so audacious, they immediately command attention.

Image courtesy of the artist.

Image courtesy of the artist.


As an entrepreneur, Lefthanded_Art sells her portraits as wearable art in the form of tees (cleverly dubbed “Left-Tee’s”)  and tote bags in her online shop. You can also browse through her collection of fantastic prints. Check out her Rude Gal Collection celebrating Caribbean women, among others.

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