Slang-uage you need to know in 2015


Let’s take a look at the bizarre slang words that have taken over Brampton high schools:



1. Bae:

Commonly used to refer to a significant other or a loved one that holds the utmost importance to the speaker. An acronym for before anyone else. Often mistaken as a synonym of baby.

2. Basic: 

Adjective used to describe a slow person that has difficulty with understanding simple concepts.

3. Can’t even:

Describes the inability to handle an overwhelming situation.

4. Fam:

Refers to an individual or group of close friends that are considered family.

5. Preach:

Used to display agreement and encouragement of a stated opinion.

6. Shade:

Indirectly insulting another’s style or habits.


7. Ship:

Abbreviation of relationship, commonly used to agree or disagree with another’s relationship.

8. Slay:

Describes an incredibly successful performance done by an individual or group.


9. Turn up:

To have an incredibly great time, usually while partying with friends that commonly involves music and dancing.


10. Yas:

Display enthusiastic agreement to a stated opinion or action, usually accompanied by clapping.

 As, weird as these words sound you have to admit they make life a little bit easier and funnier. I think it is safe to say that these words SLAAAYYY!  #noshade.