Singapore Garden Review

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If you’re looking for a Halal Hakka Chinese restaurant in the Queen and Kennedy Road area, Singapore Garden is definitely the best place to go. Despite the tacky décor and the relatively small size, it serves the best Halal Hakka Chinese food that I have ever had the opportunity of treating my taste buds to. Here are my personal top five favourite main dishes:


  1. The American Chop Suey: Made in a rich, red sauce, this dish’s base of crispy fried noodles adds a crunchy treat to the great mass of tender meat and freshly cooked vegetables, while balancing out the strong sweetness of the savoury sauce. Complete with a fried egg to top it off, this delectable dish might keep you from saying you’re full.
  1. The Sweet and Sour Chicken: Chewy balls of chicken wrapped in a crispy outer coating sit in a pool of a thick, sweet sauce. Surrounded by chunks of pineapple and bits of onion and bell peppers, this combination of sweet and sour coupled with steamed, white rice will give you something to chew on (literally!).

    Sweet and Sour Chicken

  1. The Mixed Hakka Chow Mein: Tender and tasty noodles mixed with stir-fried vegetables and flavourful pieces of chicken, shrimp and beef. As the Hakka flavours add a classy kick, this dish can be mixed with the gravy dishes or had on its own.
  1. The Crispy Beef: These strips of crispy beef are drenched in a strong, soya-based sauce and tossed with strings of zesty ginger. Topped with coriander leaves, this dish will leave your tongue tingling with the strong flavours long after they have already been digested.
  1. The Fried Rice: Topped high and packed with lively flavours, this dish can serve as a compliment to dishes such as the Sweet and Sour Chicken and the Crispy Beef, or as a meal on its own – especially if it’s ordered with pieces of chicken, shrimp and beef.

Inside Singapore Garden

None of these dishes are plated in a particularly fancy manner, but the mere sight of a basic, white restaurant dish topped high with the enticing and brightly coloured food will give you something to look forward to.

The wait staff is friendly, fast and helpful, and the seating is cozy. But the main factor that makes a trip to this lackluster area of Brampton is the prices. For a mere $9-$12, two to three people can eat more than their fill.

To conclude a savory experience, the fortune cookies that come with the bill will tie your taste buds in a neat bow and give you the wisdom to come back for another wildly appetizing night, complete with lucky numbers 2, 5, 7 and 9.



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