13 Signs You Went to Elementary School in Brampton


It was the era of juice boxes and pizza days. Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

  1. Going door-to-door, guilting unsuspecting adults to donate money for Jump Rope for Heart was how you’d spend your summer afternoons. Let’s not pretend it wasn’t for the prizes.

Jump Rope for Heart

  1. Class in a portable automatically made school 1000 times more fun.

School Portable

  1. Your entire elementary school career came down to these two staple field trips: Black Creek Pioneer Village and Medieval Times.Medieval Times


  1. And you couldn’t imagine winter without field trips to your local indoor skating rink.


  1. Waiting to be handed your meal on those blessed pizza days was the hardest task ever. Especially if your name was lower on the attendance list.Pizza Days

  1. Building a mousetrap for 3rd grade physics was too exciting for your child-heart to handle.Mouse Trap

  1. But building a castle for the 4rd grade Medieval unit gave you a child heart attack.

Build a Castle

  1. Being told to turn-a-card was the most cruel, embarrassing form of punishment ever.

Turn a Card

  1. You will forever have “Canada in My Pocket” stuck in your head. It’s more than pocket money, after all.

canada in my pocket

  1. Public transit was labeled by numbers. But your school bus was labeled by colours.School Bus

  1. And being a bus patroller was the most important job ever.

bus patrollers

  1. Singh was a very common school-wide last name.Singh

  1. And last but not least, you always wished you lived in Caledon because they got all the snow days.