Best BBQ in Brampton: RD’s Southern BBQ Review

RD’s Southern BBQ

It’s no secret, or at least it shouldn’t be, that RD’s Southern BBQ is one of the best places to eat in this city. At it’s central location at Kennedy and Queen, this restaurant is a must for your next night out.

You’ll find RD’s in a small strip plaza just off Kennedy, west of Queen. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but don’t be fooled, this place has alot of personality. The walls are decorated with posters of famous jazz singers, and smooth jazz classics are playing to match.

Inside RD's

The second you walk in the door, the tantalizing smell of slow-cooking meat, and sweet, smokey barbecue sauce will hold you hostage.

You’re in carnivore heaven. Sorry (not sorry) my herbivore friends.

For a Tuesday night, it’s pretty quiet. The atmosphere is very laid-back. When I’m there, some customers come in and joke about the RD’s barbecue “perfume.”

My friend and I grab a table at the back and after a couple of minutes, a woman comes to take our order. I hesitate to call her a waitress because it’s obvious she’s so much more. She makes us feel right at home. RD’s is a family-owned business with years of experience dishing up BBQ and Creole-Cajun cooking.

RD's Southern BBQ food

1/4 Rack of Ribs and 1/4 Chicken ($12.00) with Creole Rice ($3.00)

From the minute our food arrives, my mouth starts watering. Who am I kidding, I started drooling the minute I walked in.

The slow-smoked ribs are perfectly tender and slathered in BBQ sauce. Don’t bother with napkins, you’ll be licking your fingers for every last drop of that sweet and thick sauce.

The pulled pork is a delight, not too sweet, and mixes well with the coleslaw.

The chicken is perfectly cooked, juicy and tender, with a subtle but tasty, sweet and smokey BBQ flavour.

RD's Southern BBQ Food

1/4 Rack of Ribs and Pulled Pork ($12.00) with Cornbread ($2.50)

As for the sides, the cornbread is a great combination to the sauce-heavy entrees, dry and yet, just moist enough. The creole rice packs a punch for a small side dish. It’s fluffy, moist and another perfect compliment to the rich, meat dishes. 

Presentation is simple, on large oval plates. But honestly, the expertly-prepared food steals the spotlight. Portion sizes were excellent for the cost. Seating is very limited in this small restaurant so come early or plan ahead.

Overall, RD’s is a classic Brampton spot that lives up to the hype.



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