Photo Essay: Best Holiday Lights 2014

Brampton had spectacular lights displays throughout the city for the holiday season of 2014. A welcoming array of characters building a snow-person can be seen along Main St. as you enter the city.

Yes you guessed it – it’s a snow-person!

City hall was filled with stunning lights on all of the trees – not a single tree was empty of lights.


Festive trees.

Our signature flower city symbol can be noted on top of one of the biggest and tallest Christmas trees just outside of city hall.

Flower City.

Flower City.

A giant snowman also joined Gage Park to create a scenic route for the ice skaters.

Frosty is that you?

Frosty, is that you?

The city wasn’t the only one all dolled up for the occasion, residents of Brampton had their fare share of lights displays too. Some were simple and sweet and others were filled with characters and lights galore.

Simple and elegant.

Simple and elegant.

Neat job!

Neat job!

Just divine.

Just divine.

The reindeer have begun to make an appearance.

The reindeer are making an appearance.

The reindeer and other festive characters continued to grow.


This reindeer is pulling a lit-up sleigh.


Those icicle lights are a beauty!

Such nice colour coordination!

Such nice colour coordination!







And the house that was the most extravagant—well let’s leave it as a tie—both of these houses were wonderful!


Look at all of those characters! Wow!

Look at that giant Mr.Potato Head!

Look at that giant Mr. Potato Head!


Great job Brampton! I can’t wait to see what the next holiday season will bring! Happy 2015!