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Bramptonian Dan Amponsah is the owner of the custom bowtie company, Neck Couture by Kobi. He offers ready-to-wear bowties and also fills custom orders. Each and every original bowtie is designed and handcrafted by Dan himself. His styles are for the bold ones out there. If you like to stand out in a crowd, take note of Neck Couture by Kobi.2C2A7835

Expressing Pride in Deep Cultural Roots

Dan has never been the type to be satisfied with working for others. Instead, he seeks to apply his business and fashion savvy in self-directed projects. Neck Couture By Kobi was born of a desire to produce something cultural, unique, and marketable. Dan settled on bowties. It was essential to Dan that his company reflect his deep ties to the country of Ghana, where his family originated. Most Ghanaians name themselves by the day of the week on which they were born. Dan was born on a Tuesday so his family calls him Kwabena, Kobi for short. Neck Couture by Kobi functions as a brand, but the name also proudly celebrates Dan’s cultural (1)

Using Exclusive Kente Cloth from Ghana

Many of Neck Couture by Kobi’s first designs feature Kente cloth from Ghana. A good deal of Dan’s cloth comes straight from Ghana. The Kente cloth itself is unique; interwoven strips of fabric are sewn together in a specific way. The diverse cuts and patterns of the cloth have various meanings for the people of Ghana. Dan is currently working on a series of info cards to be included with each Kente bowtie. The card will list a few tidbits on the cloth’s specific history so that customers can appreciate the cultural significance of their hand-made piece.Dan

Generous Experimentation Evolves Custom Designs

Of course, Kente cloth is not the only material that Neck Couture by Kobi deals in. He’s got distressed leather, rubber, and various cotton prints. For custom designs, Dan susses out the stylistic flavour of his customer and comes back to them with a variety of materials to choose from. Designing for Neck Couture by Kobi involves massive amounts of experimentation. At the moment, Dan is working on replicating his signature wooden bow tie. Yes, real wood. It has already sold out on his website. He never repeats designs; everything Neck Couture by Kobi puts out is new and original.10547554_677215989028564_7424979539395647900_n

Just One Good Thing at a Time

It is Dan’s opinion that many entrepreneurs  in fashion attempt to do too many things at once. They want to make hats, shirts, and shoes all at the same time. They often end up with a brand that lacks focus. Dan prefers to master one item at a time and he’s started with bowties. He hopes that whenever someone thinks of purchasing a quality, custom bowtie, they will think of him. Eventually, Dan will branch out into mastering bespoke suits. For now, it is one good thing at a time.2C2A7849Icons of Industry and Style

Hip-hop legends like Nas, André 3000, Pharrell Williams, and Q-Tip inspire Dan’s personal fashion choices. He follows the career of English suit designer, Ozwald Boateng. Like Dan, Boateng is of Ghanaian decent. Dan seeks business motivation in the self-made success of L.A. author Tariq Nasheed who also lectures and produces documentary films on the side. Dan’s independent spirit of entrepreneurialism draws him to famous creatives, such as Spike Lee, who have a business sense.10457822_275086002679087_3229726024626061725_n

High Profile Patrons

Coincidentally, both Lee and Nasheed have purchased one of Neck Couture by Kobi’s bowties. Dan’s also designed for Kardinal Offishall and has created some of the signature bowties worn by Brampton’s own Daniel Lewis of T by Daniel.10574462_677216335695196_4220050069411313417_n

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