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Photographer Natalia V. Gonzalez is a proud Bramptonian with deep Chilean roots. She wears her heart on her sleeve and explores life, emotions, and experiences through her lens.


Photography has always been a beloved hobby for Gonzalez, and she has been lucky enough to apply this passion for photography to her current work on the Bolton Camp Project with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. Gonzalez studied Journalism at Seneca College before moving on to Communications at York University.


Inspiration and Artistic Process

While working with school children at Subuiga Primary School in Lewa Conservancy, Kenya, Gonzalez had the pleasure of photographing her vibrant and vivacious students. It struck her that the children were so happy with what seemed to be so little. She admired their spirits and their joyous appreciation of the little things and simple pleasures. During her stay, her camera became her second pair of eyes.


The transitory moments of joy felt with the Kenyan children inspired Gonzalez. As she photographed her experiences with them, she discovered that capturing photos of truly poignant moments helped her to explore and examine the emotionality and significance of these human experiences. Gonzalez’s photos became an essential expression of her inner emotional self.


Her evocative photography allow viewers to access the essential human feelings captured during touching moments in time through her own brand of charm and humanity.

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