Mongo’s Grill Review: The Place for Endless Stir-Fry in Brampton

Mongo’s Grill

Healthy eating on a night out? Mongo’s grill might just be the place for you.

Located at Queen Street and Gateway Blvd, Mongo’s Grill is a unique dining experience where you can build your own healthy stir-fry however you like it. ducati fairings,The possibilities are, If it’s your first time here, take the tour (which will most likely be offered to you if you walk in through the door looking confused).

Mongo’s has suggested recipes to help guide you on your way but don’t get stuck on one. Just grab a bowl and build your meal the way you want to.

Veggie Bar at Mongo's Grill

First, make your way to the vegetable bar. Build your stir-fry with your choice of Mongo’s farm fresh veggies like broccoli, red cabbage, water chestnuts, onions, carrots, bean sprouts and more.

Next, choose your meat: pork, chicken, beef, crab, shrimp, salmon etc. Mix and match whatever your craving and pile it on high.

Meat bar at Mongo's Grill

Then, hit the sauce bar. Here’s where a recipe card might come in handy to guide your combinations. Some of the sauce options are sweet & sour, orange pineapple, red wine, teriyaki, sesame oil etc. Most recipes will suggest a mixture of several sauces. Add some spices at this point as well to top it all off.


Last but not least, take your overflowing bowl up to the chef, where he dumps it on a hot grill and cooks it up right in front of your eyes in a spectacle of steam and glory. After a couple of minutes, your customized meal is hot and ready to eat.



The One Bowl Stir Fry for lunch costs $11.99 (or $15.49 after 4 p.m.) with a side of rice, tortilla, egg, or get it all rolled into a wrap. Add the unlimited soup and salad bar for $1.99. Or turn your one bowl into a buffet (with unlimited soup and salad) for an extra $3.99.

I stuck to the Kickin’ Classic recipe for the sauce but threw in whatever ingredients looked good, with a side of brown rice. It turned out to be a culinary masterpiece. All the ingredients mixed perfectly with the sweet, savoury sauce.


My friend opted for the Pad Thai recipe, but had a little trouble finding all the ingredients. Despite that, the bowl came together in a harmony of sweet and sour sauces, with some heat and saltiness to boot.

Both meals left us feeling satisfied but not over-satiated.


The ambience was laid-back and buffet-style. This location is pretty new (it just opened in January) so, the space is pretty clean and modern. All the staff were friendly and quick to explain how the setup works.

The price was alright considering cheap healthy options are hard to come by any where you go. For a unique dining experience in Brampton, Mongo’s Grill is definitely an exotic adventure that’s worth the trip.



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