Louisiana Seafood & Steakhouse Review


If you’re looking for a great place for a date, Louisiana Seafood and Steakhouse might be the place for you. Located at Steeles and Main Street, the ambience is very dark and mysterious with ample mood lighting. You could even steal a kiss or two and no one would know! The atmosphere also works for families and birthday celebrations due to the multiple seating options.

The crab cakes were nice and moist; they melted in your mouth.

Seeing that seafood is in its title, we decided to stick with the seafood theme. Our side dishes were served before the appetizers: a selection of lobster bisque and Caesar salad. The lobster bisque was warm and smooth, with lobster chunks throughout. The salad was well dressed with the right amount of cheese and no bacon bits.

The appetizers consisted of crab cakes, calamari and garlic shrimp cargot(pictured above). The crab cakes were nice and moist; they melted in your mouth. The calamari was ordinary; we’ve had better elsewhere and it could have been crispier. The shrimp cargot was heavily doused in oil which masked the flavour of the cheese and garlic.

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Appetizer – Crab Cakes

 The blackened haddock with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables looked pretty but didn’t deliver in taste


Appetizer – Calimari

Our main courses comprised of jambalaya, blackened haddock and stuffed salmon. At first glance the jambalaya looked hearty with sausage, rice, chicken, shrimp and peppers. Upon tasting it, we found it was very wet and had a pudding-like consistency. The rice was overcooked and since it was the base of the dish, it threw the other flavours out of balance, especially the overwhelming tomato flavour.

The blackened haddock with roasted potatoes and steamed vegetables looked pretty but didn’t deliver in taste. The combination of spices and citrus did not mix well with the fish. The potatoes were overcooked, but the vegetables were just right.

Stuffed Salmon with Rice and Vegetables

Stuffed Salmon with Rice and Vegetables

The stuffed salmon consisted of a piece of salmon, stuffed with crab and shrimp, smothered with lobster bisque. The fish was cooked to perfection but the lobster bisque that garnished the salmon was lacking in flavour and lobster pieces, especially when compared to the one we had earlier. The vegetables were well cooked, while the rice was too mushy and soft for our liking.

For dessert we shared a tiramisu which was not half bad. The top layer was slightly overdone. Despite being moist, it was missing that espresso taste unique to the dessert. For those who don’t like espresso, the dessert will be delightful compared to other tiramisus.



Overall, the food looked delicious, clean and was very well plated but, it looked better than it tasted. We ate with our eyes rather than taste buds.

Our knowledgeable waitress was the only one at the lunch rush, but was attentive to each customer she had, including our trio.

While the food is very affordable and portion size is appropriate it is not some place we plan to return.

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Vegetarian? Eat elsewhere
Seafood allergies? Stay away
Date-worthy? Definitely
Washrooms? Very clean



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