Kirpa a Short Film By Local Artists

It’s no secret that as a South Asian youth, you are able to pursue a career from a vast set of choices; engineering, law, or medical studies.

If you’ve not caught on yet, this has become a popular joke amongst youth within the South Asian community. Like many other jokes, the irony in this one too, holds true. Due to the generational gap that exists between our generation and our parents’, it is difficult for some of them to consider any other career choice as “real.” In the society and culture that we’ve been raised, the values that we hold dear are most often completely opposite of those that our parents cherish.

Kirpa, a short film by Kiran Rai, is about a 23-year old South Asian art student who struggles to find the balance between fulfilling her parents’ wishes of pursuing a “real” career, and her dreams of becoming an artist.

A creative artist herself, Kiran Rai recruited others familiar with this hardship to help make this short film a reality including local musician, Manvir Rai; spoken word artist and poet, Rupi Kaur; singer, Keerat Kaur and many others. Support our homegrown artists, watch the short film and tell us what you think!