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Brampton artist Kevin Hunt, of Silver Raven Arts, is a man of many mediums.  He works in oils and acrylic. You can find him working on images in Illustrator and Photoshop. Wood, metal, and natural stone all feed his habitual need to create portraits, murals, digital art, and jewellery.



Hunt’s artworks emerge and unfold without premeditated composition or concept. For Hunt, it’s all about the intuitive, organic journey from start to finish as he brings the hidden character of an object or person to light. He can’t always explain the choices that he makes in his artwork, they simply feel right.


Many of the materials for his jewellery pieces are stumbled upon organically.  These materials aren’t commonly considered precious or jewellery-worthy but they draw him in; he uses raw wood, galvanized steel, and stumbled- upon stones. By treating these traditionally non-precious items as fit for jewellery, their natural and inherent beauty comes to light. Those who’d have missed the splendour of these every-day materials take notice.


Hunt aims to capture the inner selves of the subjects of his portraits. He interprets and visually portrays their subtle energies and inexplicable essences, capturing more than their physical forms.

His abstract paintings capture the essence of single moments or situations.



Hunt manages Brampton creative hub, Night and Day Studios. The space is two floors of artistic paradise dedicated to literature, music, and visual art. It houses a gallery, studio, and chill space. They host monthly art festivals and art bazaars featuring local artists’ work. These events are open to the public.


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