Kelly McNeil | Detailed Wildlife Art – Made in Brampton


Kelly McNeil is one of Canada’s most renowned wildlife artists: a natural talent, if you will. She boasts a prolific 15 years of experience in the field. McNeil graduated from Ontario College of Art in Editorial Illustration in 1983 and from Ontario College of Art and Design University with a Bachelor of Design in 2012. She has been on the Board of Directors of Beaux-Arts Brampton for 13 years and is currently serving as President.


As a wildlife painter, McNeil draws inspiration through trips to various outdoor sources, including zoos, wildlife reserves and refuges, and national parks. She can even be found studying wildlife in her own backyard. Her parents’ property in Cape Breton also provides inspirational chance encounters with bald eagles, king fishers, loons, osprey, seals, herons, bobcats, coyotes and whales.

Artistic Practice

McNeil sketches animals at rest and photographs the active ones. She refers to these resources as she creates her highly detailed and life-like paintings in both large and small scale. Kelly works with oils to achieve the vibrant and distinctive colours in her work.

Her current passion is painting animals in water.

“I love the abstract quality of reflections, shadows and the pulse of the sea”.

Sky King is her most recent painting.

Shows and Galleries

McNeil shows her work internationally, as far away as Tasmania, and has Galleries in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina and Geneva Illinois, as well as Southern Ontario. She exhibits in large-scale wildlife shows in Jamestown, Charleston, South Carolina, and Buckhorn, Ontario.


McNeil can be found painting and teaching in her studio in Beaux-Arts Brampton, 70 Main Street North, Brampton. She invites you to come in and see her work in progress and welcomes commission work.


A Light in the Woods 470690_417333971644848_988526560_o Dracula's Cape Cookaburra Perch

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