Heritage Fish and Chips Brampton | Review


Fish and chips is usually associated with pub grub and a typical English pub atmosphere. By no means is local favourite, Heritage Fish and Chips Brampton, a 5-star eatery, but it has a cleaner, classier appeal then the run-of-the-mill pub and the prices reflected it.DSC_0035I briefly leafed through the menu, but of course I already knew what I wanted—fish and chips!DSC_0019My plate arrived within minutes and the aroma was scintillating, however the presentation was average. I’m not often picky about plating, but this dish was very simple and akin to how I would lay out my food at home. However, maybe this is asking for a bit much since plating pub food (ex. Fish and Chips) requires a good deal of creativity.DSC_0031The flavour of the dish on the other hand was anything but average, in fact it was amazing. There was a good ratio between batter and fish and, the seasoning was notable but not overpowering. DSC_0030The texture of both the fish and “chips” were just right, however the Caesar salad side lacked punch and didn’t compliment the dish as well as a traditional coleslaw might have.DSC_0034 DSC_0028 After enjoying your meal, you can take a gander at the various items brought over from the British Isles sold right inside Heritage, in case you want to bring a little heritage home with you.DSC_0036In short, the food was nothing short of superb, the atmosphere was good and the presentation was satisfactory.DSC_0037I would definitely come back in the future, and I’ve already recommended this place as a local Brampton favourite.

Hertiage Fish And Chips has 3 locations in Brampton. Check out the map below.
Update 1: Added more pictures, updated presentation to 7 from 6 & value from 6.5 to 7. 

Update 2 : Changed value back to 6.5.



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