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Hamraj Gill is a Brampton writer studying photography art OCAD University. He started writing expressive works when he was 16, keeping a private diary of lyrics on his Blackberry. He plans to compile an anthology of his own poetry and title it, Memoirs of a Mad Man. Gill’s emotions and thoughts sometimes drive him to the brink of chaos, but the writing of poetry keeps him grounded. For Gill, writing is a way of finding and maintaining sanity in an insane world.



Gill’s poems are inspired by the events and people in his world. He has an affinity for the lyrical talents of musical artists Frank Ocean, Party Next Door, Drake, and The Weeknd.

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Gill aims to make sense of the world around him, his experiences and relationships while seeking to understand and share the pain and joy of contemporary human existence. His poetry expresses personal experience in a way that people, especially young people, can empathize and connect with. Gill shares his introspection for the sake of fostering connectivity and understanding between human beings. This poetry is therapy for these who read and he who writes.

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