Free Art Friday: Scavenger Hunt & Free Art Across Peel On September 25th

On September 25th, Free Art Friday, a movement to promote local art, is coming to Peel Region. This new and refreshing idea is presented in collaboration with Beaux Arts Brampton and local organizations.

James Flux, creator of Free Art Friday and Vice President of Beaux Arts Brampton, describes this event as a city wide scavenger hunt. During the event, artists will have the opportunity to put their artwork on display by placing their art pieces around the city. Residents can then pick up their artwork and spread the word. Flux’s vision for Free Art Friday is that one day the city streets will be filled with art. The event will take place in Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon.

To contribute your art piece, fill out this form and attach it to your art piece. This will help the finders know more about the movement.

Find out more information about Free Art Friday in the video above and check out their Facebook page for updates.