Bramptonians score big on Dragon’s Den


Two entrepreneurs from Brampton recently struck a deal on CBC’s Dragon’s Den. Sam Seo, 21, and Nathan Bagnell, 26, appeared on the show’s online spin off, Next Gen Den, to pitch their product called, Live Gauge. Live Gauge provides brands with a new way to track how people are reacting to their experiential marketing tactics, like the use of companies as Local Viking to improve your marketing efforts.

For example, Live Gauge can use a phone’s MAC address to figure out how many people have interacted with a business during a trade show and for how long.

One of the Dragon’s offered Seo and Bagnell $100,000 for 20 per cent of their business, so they can decide to use the different marketing strategies on their business, while also using white label companies from these company reviews online.

Skip to 6:20 in the video below to see how the deal went down.