Archery Tag hits Brampton at Battle Archery


There’s an epic battle happening in Brampton. The weapon of choice? Bow and arrow.

Battle Archery has been open for just over a month and they invited us to try out a game of archery tag at their brand new facility at Torbram Road and Steeles Ave.

Battle Archery Arena

What is Archery tag? 

Archery tag is an insanely-fun team game in which each player is armed with a bow and a foam-tipped arrow. With elements from paintball, dodge ball and archery, teams run through a variety of combat-style games that usually involve tagging opponents or aiming for objects to win.

Battle Archery

Basically, it’s all the adrenaline rush of paintball, but without the pain.

Battle Archery in action

You don’t need any experience or equipment to enjoy this game. Battle Archery provides players with a bow, arrows, helmet and arm guard.

We’re constantly growing Battle Archery.

For $22 a person, you’re taught basic shooting and safety rules in the practice range and play for an hour in the arena.

Battle Archery Facility

Battle Archery’s 11,000 sq. ft. facility is a wide open space, that currently consists of the game arena, a small recreational archery range, and a lounge area with board games, a foosball table and a Wii U.

“We’re constantly growing it,” says John Pawlak, one of the co-founders. “Since we have so much area, we have a lot of plans to just make it better.”

The day we visited, they had hosted their very first archery tag tournament, which saw 8 teams compete for cash prizes and game passes.

Battle Archery in Action

Battle Archery’s two founders, who have been practicing archery since an early age, spent months working on the idea, looking for investors, finding a building and renovating it.

“It was kind of like a do-it-yourself project that we were working on for a long time,” says Pawlak. For their opening weekend, they offered free archery tag and around 200 people came out.

Battle Archery

With plans to improve and expand, Battle Archery is a great facility to check out in the city. It’s guaranteed to be an action-packed night out that is just as much fun as it sounds.

The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and seem to genuinely love the game, making it fun for the players.

Not to mention that an hour of this game and you’ll be sweating like you just spent two hours at the gym, except you were just living out your Katniss/Legolas/Lars Anderson fantasy. And c’mon, how could you say no to that dream?