10 things to do for Valentine’s Day in Brampton


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. You might be asking yourself, what do we do? Where do we go? Finding the perfect place to eat or activity to do on this day can be overwhelming, and could render even the most seasoned of romantics muddled and disoriented. Don’t worry guys and gals, we have it covered. Here are some ideas for a thought out and meaningful Valentine’s Day in Brampton:

  1. Bowling:

    A trip to the bowling alley would be great, especially for a double date. Brunswick Bramalea Lanes or Brampton Bowling Lanes are great options right here in the city.Bowling-Pins

  2. Skating at Gage park:

    Nothing spells romance like skating as a pair. Fun activity, even if you’re just learning how to skate!

  3. Mount Chinguacousy:

    If you’re the type that enjoys the outdoors more than the typical wine n’ dine, hit the hill with your choice of skiing, snowboarding, or snow tubing.20141217_154344_Richtone(HDR)

  4. Peel Art Gallery Museum + Archives (PAMA):

    Enjoying art, culture and history together make for a good first date. Definitely a must for art lovers and creative minds.PAMA_GBCArendering

  5. Rose Theatre productions:

    For those that enjoy musicals, plays, and orchestral music, take in a classical rendition of some favourite Disney tunes in When you Wish Upon a Star this weekend, brought to you by none other than the Rose Orchestrarose-theatre-brampton-brampton-on

  6. Movies:

    A classic, for a reason. Movies are always a good way to spend some time with your date, and depending on the film, you’ll certainly have something to talk about afterwards. There’s something for everyone opening up this weekend, from the Oscar-nominated Imitation Game to the heated Fifty Shades of Grey or the action-packed Kingsman: Secret Service.1280px-SilverCityCineplex

  7. Fine dining in Brampton:

    Try out some new cuisine by visiting one of the many gems in this city. For something high end check out Riverstone Golf & Country Club, Aria, or Fanzorellis. For other choices check out our various reviews on 4C.finedinning

  8. Dessert shops and cafes:

    Caffe Demetre, Coffee Culture, Williams Coffee Pub or Menchies are some places to check out for some delightful sweets.
    coffee-culture WilliamsFreshCafe

  9. Edible Arrangements:

    Grab an Edible Arrangements fruit baskets with chocolate-dipped fruit for your loved one.Edible arrangements

  10. Cakes or Bakeries:

    Lisboa Bakery, Occasions, or Davide’s Bakery and Cafe are some places to get cake, croissants, tarts, pies and all sorts of baked goodies to indulge on Valentine’s day.
    Occasions cakes and cupcakes and pastries and whatnotcakes and baking

There is a lot that you could do on this special day, and these are just some of the many options available in Brampton. 4C wishes you the best of luck on this beautiful Valentine’s day!